Random and Interesting Facts About Animals

There are many animal lovers out there. There is something about animals that just seems to make people happy. There are some random facts about animals that will make a person smile and will help brighten their day.
Cows get close to each other and even have a best friend. Cows become close to other cows and try their best to take care of their friends. Cows will eat with their friend, help clean areas that they cannot reach, and even sleep near their friends.
Flamingos that hang out in a group are known as a flamboyance. Well, they are pink and fancy. This can contribute to the name.
Each year there are millions of new trees that grow. Many people think that this is due to the fertilization of the seeds in the ground. This is sort of true. Squirrels sometimes forget where they put their nuts. This is how new tree take root each year.
A butterfly has its own special ability. It can taste pollen and other food with its feet. This is something that would make most humans cringe.
These are just some random and interesting animal facts that can make a person smile. They are interesting and entertaining. Sometimes these random animal facts may come in handy.